Ask. Believe. Receive. The 3 Steps To Getting What You Want.

Jun 13, 2022

Ask for what you want. Believe. And then be open to how it comes in because the “how” really is none of our business, that's not on us. But it's asking and holding the intention.

Hello, my fellow rebels. I'm Chaitali Desai and welcome to Metaphysical Mondays. So fill me in, how has it been going? How have the experiment's been going? What unexpected gifts have you guys received? Fill me in. I know many of you are testing these experiments and I’m getting your responses in messenger, but I'd love to have more of a conversation here. So drop below what you guys have been calling in. What did you receive or what did you notice? 

Today we are taking everything from the last few weeks and we're going to step it up even more. It's going to be a bit of a reverse order because before we get into the actual experiment, I'm going to tell you my own experience from this weekend.

As much of a believer as I am in the unseen, in God, in metaphysics, in the quantum, I mean, all of that stuff, I'm still human, right? So 'cause I'm still human, I still have those human tendencies to question if it is really working? Because, you know, I wanted it yesterday and it hasn't come!

How many of us are impatient? I'm super impatient. Anytime I start something, I already wanted the success yesterday, but it's part of my drive. But anyways, that's a whole different story. The point of today is we've been working on our reticular activating system.

The filtration that lets our brain know what's important and what’s not important. We've been opening the RAS or cultivating it so we can see more, do more, show us more. So today's experiment that I'm going to share with you is one that I actually did over the weekend and I did this morning because I was running super late.

I was impressed how quickly I got my responses. Again, because I'm human, there are moments that I don't always feel like I fully believe, even though I think I do. I feel like now after this weekend and this morning, I've just taken my belief system a little bit further, meaning I've embodied more of the belief I'm really living this thought.

On Saturday, all weekend, I was at my daughter's dance competition and I had amazing parking, but I needed to go get food. I was torn because as much as I was hungry (and we were hungry!)  I didn't want to leave the parking space because it was that good! Guys, these dance competitions, there are people from all over Long Island, New Jersey. There were so many people there and the parking was really important to me because we were going to get out late. I know it sounds so ridiculous. I hear myself saying this to you, but anyhow, it's a true story! So I get in the car and I'm like, “okay, dear Bhagwan, (Bhagwan means God), I am leaving to go get food, but I love this parking space. So as soon as I get back, I want this parking space”. And I just said it. I was like, all right, I'm going to test it. Okay. 45 minutes later, by the time I circled back to the dance competition, I was in line behind another car and we were both looking for parking.

I went in a different lane and as I was coming around, that car in front of me continued on. As I got closer to where I wanted to have my parking again, guys, the car turned on and these people started to get out, like move out of the parking space. It was my parking space that I had asked for. That I wanted to come back to.

Okay. I know you're probably like, yeah, right. For real though, I ended up getting the exact same parking space that I had that I love, because I'm freaking on a Live  talking about it. So, you know, okay. I got it. And I was like, oh my goodness. Now I did not give a timeframe, but clearly I was coming back shortly. So it happened in about 45 minutes.  Then this morning, because we were at the dance competition all weekend and we were tired. I overslept and we were running behind to go to school. So I was like, all right, Bhagwan, I need all green lights to get to school on time. I got all the green lights!! On a Monday morning. On Long Island. What? Like, okay, now here's the thing I just asked for green lights, but at the last traffic light to turn into school, I needed a green arrow. I missed the green arrow. So while we were standing there, I'm like, okay, I need this traffic light to stay green until it's my turn. And I can take this turn. It turned yellow as I was taking the turn! 

For any police officers listening, it was yellow. It was still turnable! But holy shit. Right? Like that's what I'm saying. I just took my beliefs and I embodied them even more through these experiences. And that is what the beauty of these experiments are. You get to test it and ask yourself, Okay, this is real! So what are you going to ask? 

Believe in and then be open to receiving because sometimes like my Greenlight experience, what you ask for doesn't always look how you envisioned it. Remember a couple of experiments ago when I gave the example about the yellow butterflies, but asked you to be open to how you see it.

It could be on someone's shirt. It could be stationary. It could be a paper plate. The “How it comes to you” is not important. But rather that it comes to you because you were open to receiving it. So what is your experiment going to be? What are you going to ask for? We're getting a little bit more specific, right?

Literally the parking spot, the green lights. Be more specific. 48 hours. And I want to know, what are you calling in? There is power in numbers. There's power in intentions. And there's power in writing it or typing it. Test it  and come back and share. Did you have that experience like I did when I got my parking space?

Yeah, I know it sounds so pedestrian and so trivial, but listen, we were finishing so late, I just wanted that spot because it was that good. You all know what I'm talking about!

What are you going to ask for? I cannot wait. I really hope you come back and share because not only have we been working on our RAS, the reticular activating system and opening it up, but we've been opening ourselves up. How cool is that? Even myself. When both of these events happened, even though they seem so like, whatever, I was so excited, I'm like, oh my God, it's working. Right? And I believe. 

How often do you think that this has already been happening to you, but you've been so busy, so preoccupied that you just, you put down to luck? Was it luck or was it you getting what you asked? How many times do we dismiss these kinds of situations, these kinds of experiences as luck, or it just happened? You don't even stop to think about it? 

So now I'm asking you to be open to receiving it, but pay attention. Cause you never know, you have probably been doing this for so long, but again, just dismissing it as a one-off or like, eh, whatever, you don't even stop to think about it. 

RECAP - Ask for what you want. Believe. And then be open to how it comes in because the “how” really is none of our business, that's not on us. But it's asking and holding the intention that yes, this is for me, for my highest good, like the super close parking space and all the green lights this morning. 

I am Chaitali Desai and I am so excited to hear what you guys are calling in. So definitely drop it below and like always I'm wishing you a beautiful day until next time.