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How To Tune Into Your Personal Energy System For Results

Jun 09, 2022

The Secret to Your Success in Business & Life lies in your personal energetic system. Learn to work with your Chakras to create the success that you desire.

Hello, my fellow rebels. Welcome to The Beauty Confidential Lounge for the visionary who desires sacred alignment. 

I am your host, Chaitali Desai and today we are talking about the secret to your success - your personal energy system, also known as the chakras. If you have ever taken a yoga class or watched a meditation video, you have no doubt heard about the chakras and the role that they play in the flow of your personal energy throughout your body.

You may have also learned that it's important to keep your chakras open or unlocked, but what does that all even mean? 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or disc of light. These wheels are spinning for vortexes of energy and each chakra corresponds to certain nerves, organs, and emotions within the physical body.

So when your chakras are in balance, meaning they're all working together, they create harmony and that magnetism throughout your body, you know, that it factor? It starts here. So ideally when they're functioning at their best, your chakras stay open and balanced. 

Unfortunately though, life can happen. The ebbs and flows of everyday work, business and family life, your chakras can get blocked or a little bit unbalanced and you may experience physical or emotional blocks related to a particular chakra. 

What are the Chakras?

There are seven main chakras that we're going to go over. 

  1. The root chakra
  2. The sacral
  3. The solar plexus
  4. The heart
  5. The throat
  6. The third eye
  7. The crown chakra 

These main chakras run along your spinal column.

So if you think of your spinal column as a central antenna, your chakra system runs through that. They start at the root, near the base of your spine and they extend to your crown (the top of your head)

On a side note, because you guys know how much I love science, we're learning that there are over 114 chakras in our system, but the seven main energy centers of the body play such a pivotal role in our spiritual, physical, and emotional health and as well as the role they play in understanding the interaction between our physical body and our spiritual body. 

This energy is your personal frequency, you know, those vibes that you put out every day. Have you ever met somebody and you're just like, oh my God, that person, there's just something about them.

There's a high probability that this is what you are attracted to - their energy that they're putting out because it's probably balanced, meaning free flowing and high vibe. This is what that means. 

Your frequency has everything to do with what you're creating, not only in your business, but in life in general, because like I said, it's that high vibe feeling.

How do we put this into more practical terms?

If you were to think of your energy system as electricity or as power, actually, let's go with. If you think of your electricity system in terms of power. If your power is low, you might function a bit slower, you might be more sluggish. But if your power is free flowing, everything typically goes smoothly and that's the key with your chakras.

Energy that's flowing smoothly gives you that high vibe that, oh gosh, there's just something about you. That’s your IT factor. 

When your energy is blocked or becomes unbalanced that just means that your energy is functioning slightly off kilter. It's not flowing as smoothly and it's not operating at its best. Unfortunately though, it is something to address because if these blockages continue, oftentimes they prevent you from progressing in certain areas of your life. They keep you feeding that same experience, or they keep you stuck in a certain behavior, a certain thought pattern, does that relate?

So how do we start to shift this? How can we start to work with our energetic system? Our personal chakras intentionally? Well, the first step it's really to identify or to start to see where you're feeling these blockages and start to shift them. 

Here are some examples:

If you're constantly experiencing stomach pains. It's your lower chakras, your root chakra or your sacral chakra. 

If you're feeling you just don't have that confidence you wish you had, or that you feel like you should have. That's your solar plexus. 

Or maybe you feel like you just can't share your voice, your truth, your story? Sometimes you'll bite your tongue and not share your full truth. It’s because of your throat chakra. 

Awareness is key to really understand how our personal system works, how our chakras work. The fact that you have this in your body, you have this energetic flow. The process of self embodiment, and self-awareness begins by 

  1.  Knowing that they exist within you 
  2.  Begin to accept it and work with it
  3.  Expressing and expanding it, allowing your body to become its true self meaning without all the stuckness! Being able to express your voice freely, sharing your story with gratitude.

With time that builds a trust within you. Imagine how wonderful it would feel if you could start to trust yourself more and more? This doesn't replace your faith, this doesn't replace your ideas of spirituality, of religion. They walk hand in hand, it's not one or the other. That's something really beautiful to accept and to understand, and to be open to. As you start moving through this system, it's an innate system that was gifted to you. 

Keeping your chakras balanced and realizing where you could be a little bit stuck, you can start making changes and making better choices that will lead to the full embodiment of who you are, who you know you are. 

If this is something that you would love to further explore, I invite you to join my Chakras in Business 7 Week Bootcamp brought to you by Kimberly Olson aka The Goal Digger Girl. We'll be diving further into the chakras and how you can use your personal energetic system to create the quantum leaps in your business and in life.

What we do in one area of life, automatically overflows into all other areas. It's a universal law. 

Understanding your personal energetic system, your chakras, and working with it consciously, intentionally, you start to create this beautiful flow in your life. Wouldn’t you love to show up more confidently in your business, in your social relationships, your personal relationship? To be able to speak your truth and to share what's on your mind? It starts here. Understanding that the chakra system exists and that you can work with this innate gift that you’ve been given.

I hope to see you inside of the Chakras In Business Bootcamp, be sure to click the link below and register.

As you become more self-confident, more embodied, that woman, that man, that person that you know lives inside of you, that higher expression of you, you allow that person to showcase themselves. That is quantum leaping in your business and in life. 

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I love to see that you're starting to embrace the idea of the chakras. If you have any questions, be sure to definitely reach out.

Listen, I am so excited to bring this bootcamp to you. We're excited to host you tomorrow. Even if you are new to chakras, not quite sure, or maybe you are well-versed, join us because as we all know, there's always something new to be heard or ideas that are shared in a new way

So the time is yours and I'm looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you again for joining me. I am Chaitali Desai, and like always I'm wishing you a beautiful day.