You  Are What you Think: How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

May 09, 2022

The way you think and the things you do in your everyday routine shape your reality. Don't believe me? Let's experiment!

I want to talk to you today, and what we're going to really be delving into in the coming weeks, is your thoughts create your reality.

 For many of us it's not something that we learned over the years, so we don’t really believe it. That's what I have experienced with my clients and with people that I've talked to. They don't really think you control your thoughts, you control your reality or that your thoughts are creating your reality. 

Now this is not to minimize anything that's going on in the world. Just as my thoughts impact my reality, other people's thoughts also function the same way. But for now, I want to create a scientific experiment. 

For those of you who don't have a background in science, we're working with basic tenets of the scientific method 

  1. State a question. Do my thoughts really create my reality?
  2. Let's form a hypothesis. What is your guess? Mine is yes. Yes they do 
  3. You have to test it. I'm going to give you the experiment for this week so stay. 
  4. What was the conclusion? Using this scientific method, we are going to start delving more and more into how we're constantly creating our reality. 

The thing is many of us are living 10 minutes ahead and I'm being generous here by only putting 10 minutes! But typically you will be here right now with me but you're already thinking “OK what's for lunch” or “what am I going to do for dinner” or “oh what was on my To Do List today”. Right? 

Come back, come back. Let's all take a really deep breath and stay with me. Because if we can understand these basic principles,  imagine. Imagine what could happen, again using science. 

Now for those of you who are new to energy, new to how you really operate, I’m using this book, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout It's a really great, easy to read experiment where we can work together. Grab the book if you want to read along with me or if you want to tune in and listen to our weekly experiment show, come follow me on Facebook.

Using science, here the ground rules: 

  1. I'm asking you to have an open mind because we already know the topic might be brand new to you or if it's not new to you but you're still skeptical and you're not not really sure how you feel about it, I just ask you to have an open mind. 
  2. Experiment! That is what this is about. Take what I give you and experiment because it's more fun that way. 

When we are thinking about creation I want you to keep an open mind and clear of any other thoughts.  So, this week as we're getting ready, we're getting into our open state of mind, I'm going to ask you to shake up your routine.  Why? Because if you're like me, you're very routine in how you do everything right. 

I wake up, I brush my teeth, I pray, I have my coffee and then I'm into my day. 

If you’re like no, that's too much for the morning. I just need to get up and get my day going,  take a different route to work, if you are commuting to work.  If you're not and you're working from home like I do, pick something and change the routine. Do it differently.  It will have you in the present moment and this is my personal experiment for you. 

Utilize this all week and I want you to come back and tell me, what you did and how it feels.  For me, brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand is so awkward. But it pulls me into the moment and that is so important because when we're functioning in the present, when we’re in the moment, you’ll start catching yourself, you'll start catching your thoughts and that's what this whole experiment is about, isn't it? 

Do our thoughts really create our reality and if you're in the present moment, you're going to be aware of what is happening, what that mental tape is saying, what that chatter is saying and you might be surprised. So like any good scientist, keep a journal handy. Put it next to your bed or maybe on your smartphone, create a note for this experiment. 

I’m really excited for you to do this so pick one thing today that you can change about your routine which will help draw you into the present moment. 

Let me know what it is.  Come back and share. I'll share that I'm using my left hand to brush my teeth and how awkward that is. It's that simple. 


This week we're opening our minds and we're doing one thing to shake up our routine. And again for those of you who are going to be reading along with me in this experiment, the book is called it is called E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout

I am so excited for this and really take notice and have fun with it because again it is an experiment but it's an experiment of your life so why not be all in?!