Spiritual Growth

The Law of Attraction: The Field of Infinite Possibilities

May 23, 2022

In this week's episode of Metaphysical Mondays, we are going to experiment with intentionally asking the universe and be open to receiving. Does the Universe really have your back?

Hello, my fellow rebels, I'm Chaitali Desai and welcome to Metaphysical Mondays. I would love to hear how your experiment went last week. How did you guys shake up your routine? Did you change up your routine by brushing your teeth using your non-dominant hand? Or did you start going to work taking a different road?

Fill me in and I'd love to know how everything went and how did it feel? I know for myself, there were a couple of days where I did end up using my regular hand to brush my teeth. And then I caught myself and in catching myself in the moment, I switched hands. So it was pretty interesting just to stay focused on what I was trying to do that week. 

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This week we are going to play in the field of dreams, in the invisible realms to test the idea that energy is a two-way street. Sounds a little whoo whoo I know, but just stay with me here. 

We are going to start by believing in the unseen. You heard me mention prayer last week, and while that may look different for each of us in how we practice or what we call this energy, you may say, God, spirit, the universe, Mahadev. The name doesn't matter to me. 

What matters to me is having the intention that we're going to have this conversation with this field of energy, this whole field of possibility, or better known as the universe. 

We want to see that it is not just us doing the do, but that we have the support and that it really is a two-way street. I ask, the universe answers. Very much like in any relationship, there is a give and take. And so we are going to open ourselves up to this conversation. We are going to be looking for signs because energy is always at work. That's the way it is. But we are not trained or we have not trained ourselves to open up to see the signs and to be paying attention to them.

We're not used to looking for signs but we can change that. Just like we've learned to look for the traffic light, right? If it's red, stop, if it's yellow, slowdown, if it's green, go. We train ourselves to understand that signage. Same thing we can do here. And while it may feel foreign to you just like last week’s experiment, I'm going to ask you to keep an open mind.

If you didn't catch last week's live, go ahead and check it out and then come back to this because having an open mind really makes this more fun and it makes it an experiment, because that's what this is going to be. 

It's a way to open our mind to see what we can't see! It sounds a little confusing so let's just get into this!

This week we're going to ask for clear signs and that it be delivered within 48 hours. If this is new to you, again, keep an open mind. 

It's kind of like when you turn on the light switch on and you expect the light to turn on. We want to have that kind of expectation, or at least, we're going to train ourselves to build this kind of expectation.

It's going to take a little practice and again, it's going to take awhile. I want to give you an example other than the light switch. Have you ever been thinking about somebody and you're like, “oh, I should call them sooner. I should send them a message or just reach out to them” and then all of a sudden they call you? Have you ever been curious about why this happens? Do you think that maybe there's more to it than just, oh, I was just thinking about you and you were calling me? Do you think it's because you were busy thinking about them and you set that the intention of “I would love to speak to that person. Okay. Let me make a note of that”? 

Somehow, somebody answered your call, so to speak, right? And I'm sure if you are more of an overthinker, you would be convincing yourself otherwise or thinking of a more logical reason or it was just a coincidence. How many times have you found that kind of coincidence in your life?

Or let's say you were, you wanted to find a certain handbag or a certain kitchen utensil, whatever this thing is that you've been looking for. And all of a sudden, you randomly found it in a store you wouldn't normally go to, but there it was, sitting like it was waiting for you.You probably dismissed it as a coincidence?!

That's what I'm asking you to open your mind up to. Was it really coincidence or was it because you had this clear intention that you happened to either say out loud or say in your mind, enough times that it started to make it happen or the universe moved to make it happen? I know it's sounding a little woohoo, but bear with me. I'm going to bring this down to the practical, tactical, like I always do. 

It's this field of invisible possibilities, the invisible realm, that I want you to get more comfortable with. So I'm giving you those examples to show you that it's probably already happened in your life.

You probably have heard that most famous example. Think about a yellow car. You start seeing a yellow car, same concept here. Are you with me? I hope so!

This week, we're actually going to do this intentionally. Not just randomly or haphazardly. I want you to be able to see that, oh, maybe it's not a coincidence. We want to bring it from like that one off experience to more of a dialogue, something that happens regularly.

It starts with your intention. So we are intentionally going to ask God, Universe, Spirit,  Mahadev, whatever your name is for this energy is, we're going to ask this field of possibilities for clear signs. That they not only hear you, but they're at work to make it happen.

I want you to ask for something that is kind of out of the blue and that's something that wouldn't have happened normally, because that's easy to dismiss, right? 

We want it to be a little bit out of the blue. Maybe you could ask for a check in the mail or a bouquet of flowers or some special candy. Something a little bit different so that you question “Is that what I asked for”?

Or maybe you can even keep it super simple and ask for someone who doesn't normally call you, to call, message or reach out to you. 

Whatever you are going to intentionally ask for, we're also going to give it a timeframe. We want it to happen in the next 48 hours.

Because you have a clear intention and when you focus on that intention, that’s what makes all this happen. Again, it's like the yellow cars, thinking about a yellow car, you start seeing yellow cars, same kind of deal. 

So we are going to ask for this gift, or this surprise, something that you wouldn't normally expect to receive. 

It’s important  to ask for something that you wouldn’t normally receive so you can prove to yourself that maybe it's real. We want to be open-minded about this. 

When you figure out what your gift is, and I can understand, it may take you a little bit to figure out what you want to ask for. But ask and run the experiment now, as soon as possible so there's no doubt in your mind. 

Remember to be open-minded because I'm asking you to do something that may not be normal for you. So while you may have some doubts, don't pay any attention to them, put them on the pedestal, in the corner and let them sit there. 

Set the intention, ask for the gift and then keep an eye out for the results and journal about it.

See how it goes for you. Start to notice if it’s what you asked for? How did you feel asking for something? Because I know that's a really hard thing for people to ask and then to be open to receiving it. So I'm really excited to see what you're going to do this week, what you're going to ask for.

And I'd love for you to share below. There's power in numbers. So let's do this together. Thank you again for tuning in and like always I'm wishing you a beautiful day and here's to a fun week of experimenting! Bye for now!