Train Your RAS To See What's Not There

May 31, 2022

The Reticular Activating System is located at the brain at the base of our brainstem and its job is to sort out and evaluate all the incoming data, all the information that we see, hear and feed it. It filters out what it thinks is important and what's urgent. It then sends that information to that active part of our brain. That active part is the one that's going to react.

Hello, my fellow rebels. I'm Chaitali Desai. Welcome to Metaphysical Mondays. I would love to hear how last week’s experiment went. Did you guys do the experiment? When did you start? What did you ask for? What unexpected gifts did you guys receive? 

I received my confirmation of those gifts within 24 to 36 hours, it wasn't even the whole 48 hours. So it made the whole experiment really exciting for me. And I know for many of you too, it was really fun. 

Some of you asked for an unexpected phone call, some of you asked for a message or a phone call. There were some different ideas suggested. A phone call or message from someone you hadn’t heard from in a while. And then all of a sudden, boom, there they were, or some of you asked for money. Another person asked for money, but here's the cool thing. Since she didn't ask for a certain way for this money to come in, she ended up recruiting three people for her network marketing business, like how freaking cool is that right? 

It is all about being open and being kind of childlike in that sense. Because when you look at kids, they're so exploratory, they're so curious about these different ideas, different concepts, all the things, and because they are open-minded.

There is no judgment. So it's just about having fun all by expanding your thoughts, expanding what you see in the world, what you may or may not believe in. And this week we're going to take it another step. I'm going to ask you to continue believing in the unseen and here. Our brains are actually wired in a way that we only see what we want to see.

Meaning if you want to see something different, we have to train ourselves. And this is all because of the RAS. The reticular activating system is located at the brain at the base of our brainstem and its job is to sort out and evaluate all the incoming data, all the information that we see, hear and feed it. It filters out what it thinks is important and what's urgent. It then sends that information to that active part of our brain. That active part is the one that's going to react. 

All the other bits of information get sent to the back of the line and it kind of sits there and only that important urgent stuff is what you'll see, what you'll hear, what you'll feel. Even though there could be a lot of other things in your periphery.

While the RAS is filtering and doing its job, it's also interpreting drawing inferences and taking out things that it thinks you don't believe in or it doesn’t work with what you don’t believe in. So it's training. I know for many of you, you heard some science or you're like, oh gosh, more of these crazy concepts. I know they're foreign to you maybe, but just play along, because again, it's being open-minded and it's being curious about what we don't know.

It's the same reason why in our first metaphysical monday experiment, I talked about shaking up your routine and if you don't know what I'm talking about, go back and listen to the last two weeks. 

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It's a really fun experiment that you could do on your own. You obviously could be doing it with me, or you could do it with family members, like test each other out. Really dive into it because it is so cool when you open your mind to see the unseen. And I know it's sounding very woo and out there, but that's why we're doing these experiments to bring kind of those whoo spiritual concepts and making them a bit more practical or tangible. And this week is no different. 

We're going to experiment again for another 48 hours. I mean, it's two days, guys. We all have two days and it's a great way to open up our RAS, the Reticular Activating System, to work more for what we want. Let me repeat that. TO WORK FOR WHAT WE WANT

We want to call these things in because you already have a script that you're already familiar with. Your RAS has already been working with these other beliefs, and now as you're expanding your thought processes, why not expand what you are actually calling in and what you're allowing yourself to see now.

For the next 2 days when you are calling in these new things, I want you to just be , again, open-minded! I want you to get familiar with the unfamiliar. That means you always see, think, taste, feel, and react in a similar way. This week we're going to ask to see something out of the ordinary. Nothing too crazy! It could be as simple as saying, “Hey, I want to see a yellow car.” Or maybe a yellow butterfly. To be more clear, I want you to ask for something that is a little bit out of the norm for you, especially considering the seasons or whatever's going on in your part of the world.

Once again this week I'm asking you to do something again that may not be “normal” to you. While you may have doubts, let's keep them to the side and don't pay attention to the doubts. We want to have fun with this experiment. So, what are you going to ask to see? 

Let's pretend for a second that you're asking for that yellow butterfly. Now, remember this yellow butterfly can be a real butterfly, or maybe you end up seeing a yellow butterfly hairpin in someone's. Or maybe you see it on their t-shirt or on a stationary pad or a paper plate. Just by being on the lookout for this yellow butterfly or whatever it is that you decide you want to see in the next 48 hours, you're expanding your reticular activating system.

I think this is going to be so fun for you. If you really keep an open mind, turn it into a game and if you have children around, play this game with them. How cool is that? As you're expanding your RAS system, you can expand theirs. And that's really part of the whole ripple effect for generations to come that you guys know I'm always talking about. It all starts with experiments that are fun, not only for you, the adult, but something that you can do with the family. 

So I'm really excited to hear what you guys are asking to see. I would love for you to let me know how the last couple of weeks have gone, what you're asking to see, and then come back and share how the experiment goes. If you're more comfortable sending it to me in my DMS, that's fine. 

Have fun! Thank you so much for experimenting with me and keeping an open mind. Let's open up our RAS this week, our reticular activating systems and guys like always I'm wishing you a beautiful day!